About us

Pinkerton Flowers is your florist

With a motto like “we do our best for you, just for you,” it’s clear Pinkerton Flowers always keeps the customer in mind. Pinkertons is a longstanding business that has been delivering only the freshest of flowers to customers across Canada for nearly 80 years.

Pinkerton’s has deep roots in the Montreal area but the name is well-recognized throughout Canada. The business began as a growing operation, which eventually became known as Pinkerton Greenhouses Ltd. and was founded by Robert Taylor Pinkerton in the early 1900s in Rosemere, Que., a suburb of Montreal.

In the ’50s and ’60s it was one of the largest greenhouse operations in the province. Robert Taylor Pinkerton’s sons Pete and John began the retail side of the business in 1939 on Sherbrooke Street West in Montreal where the florist operated for decades, before moving further west on the island of Montreal. Eventually, the greenhouses were closed as the land became quite valuable and was best suited for other purposes. The retail florist division was eventually passed down to Peter Pinkerton. The shop specializes in contemporary and high-style bouquets and the business is a true “fresh flower house” as we carry very few dried and silk flowers. We carry a full supply of popular blossoms along with tropical flowers.


A 4,000-square-foot shop is in the western part of the island, an affluent area of Montreal. Our customers are often described as “middle of the road and above” and while we do attract passing business, the bulk of the orders are done on the web and over the phone. Pinkerton florist has been a big believer in the Internet for years and first started the website in the mid-’90s when few others had their own webpage. It’s obviously been a great marketing tool for the shop.

Due to the multinational flavor of Montreal, all members of Pinkerton’s staff are bilingual, and many times can offer even three or four languages. “We speak what the customer speaks.” Our customers appreciate the fact that his staff can communicate with them in their first language. Pinkerton says it’s just good business to be able to operate fully in both French and English and all of Pinkerton’s signage, posters and advertising are also presented in both languages.

One of things that has helped to make Pinkerton Flowers so successful is the fact that they have served the community for so long. We’ve been around for a long time and we have built a reputation for quality. We only use the freshest product, regardless of what it costs. A cheaper flower won’t do if it’s not up standards. Because of this philosophy, Pinkerton Flowers has been the recipient of numerous Consumers’ Choice Awards over the years and has been on the FTD top 100 list since the list began more than 35 years ago.


Pinkerton Flowers, your florist in Montreal, is proud to offer a wide arrangement of flowers for your gift giving needs including wedding flowers and Holiday gifts. Our staff can make any occasion memorable with a professionally designed floral arrangement. We all know to send flowers on Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, as well as for Get Well wishes, birthdays and anniversaries, but why not make any day extra special with beautiful flowers?

Pinkerton Flowers can help send the perfect gift to show your loved ones how much you care. We are proud to be serving the Montreal area and offer a large selection of Winter Flowers and plants for you to choose from.

We take pride in delivering the freshest floral arrangements, perfect roses, corsages, plants and gift baskets to our customers. Using our secure website, you can easily send flowers in Montreal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

We Guarantee it

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most reliable, competent and valuable floral and delivery services available. Our products are simply the highest quality at the most reasonable prices possible. Value is what we bring to our customers, in a courteous, professional and friendly manner. Your expectations are met with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.